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Boxing & Kickboxing

Western boxing & kickboxing can help you get into great shape while learning authentic techniques that will stimulate you both mentally & physically. Training consists of rounds of intense work with shorter recovery periods that dramatically improves your conditioning while learning skills & techniques that are fun yet challenging.

Boxing & kickboxing are great for:- stress relief; increasing self confidence & improving focus. Health benefits include:- weight loss; increased strength & endurance; improved mobility & flexibility & improved motor skills. In fact, it's a whole body workout!

1hr   |   £60

Fitness training sessions use a wide range of different exercises and activities such as:- body weight exercises; resistance training; medicine ball workouts; weighted vests; Bulgarian bags; kettlebells; battle ropes; agility & reaction drills; suspension training (trx bands/gymnastic rings) circuit training and a range of different movement practices.


These sessions are fun, engaging & never routine, they are designed to constantly challenge you to help you achieve your goals.


I can also provide training plans for when you travel by utilising a hotel gym, a park or even your hotel room.

Fitness Training
1hr   |   £60
Strength & Conditioning
1hr   |   £60

These strength & conditioning sessions can be general, sports specific or form part of rehabilitation from injury. They are designed for all levels, from recreational to professional athletes & all programs will be tailored to your individual needs and goals .


In the past I've worked with amateur & professional British/world champions in boxing & kickboxing. I have also worked alongside many healthcare practitioners of clients helping them recover from injury.

One to One Sessions
1hr   |   £60

These bespoke sessions are available for boxing, kickboxing, fitness training, strength & conditioning or a combination of each. These are structured to your specific requirements & you will receive individual attention therefore helping to develop and learn at an accelerated rate as my sole focus will be on you. With consistent effort we can both help you achieve your goals whatever they may be.


Please see testimonials from some of my previous clients.